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A child and his or her own intelligence: let them blossom in a unique way

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It is between 3 and 6 years old that the activities aimed at developing multiple intelligences are at their peak.

Hello Baby has studied specific activities capable of stimulating children from all angles, supporting them in their preferences and qualities at all times.

From outdoor excursions and keeping the orchard, to motor activities aimed at developing balance and swimming skills.

We use infinite stimuli to encourage children to explore themselves and to interact with others with the loving guide of the educator. Children test themselves in real life by learning to take care of their own body and personal hygiene (brushing their teeth, tying up their shoes) and the wellbeing of others (setting and clearing the table for their partners).

Special attention is given to the 2 to 3 age group with the “Spring Section” bridge project, to facilitate a smooth passage from nursery to preschool.

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