Circus Skills and Juggling

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Juggling is the art of manipulating and balancing objects with dexterity, using the hands and the entire body.

For the purpose of this laboratory, we have interpreted circus arts as the discipline through which children will make their first approach to acrobatic techniques using their own body and that of other children through exercises in pairs.

The exercises proposed, apart from offering lots of fun, are aimed at stimulating concentration, coordination, balance, perseverance, communication, irony, mutual respect, cooperation and contact skills.

Being aware of their own limits and putting themselves out there to overcome
them with a smile on the face will certainly be an “obstacle” that children will have to face, by learning from their mistakes and improving their sense of self-irony. To begin with, they will be provided with the elements and the knowledge to make their own juggling balls and then, they will be taught the basic throwing techniques and a few tricks. Apart from the juggling balls, they will use other props commonly used in juggling such as: scarves, spinning plates, rola bolas, devil sticks and other surprises.

They will also learn and use elements of acrobatics, acrobalance and other forms of music performance.


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