Play Judo

Courses for Children

The “PLAY JUDO” courses are designed to develop sensory, motor (motor schemes), cognitive and social skills, which are essential for implementing and building a broad neuro-psychomotor structure and a constructive interaction with the classmates, the instructors and the families.

Through the use of a simple language, continuously enriched by metaphors and stories, we are able to capture and maintain the children’s attention. By guiding them through the exploration of their own body in movement, they will channel their energy and enthusiasm towards a functional purpose: “SEI RYOKU-ZEN’YO”: better use of energy.

Learning this Martial Art through play also helps to transmit the intrinsic values at the heart of this sports discipline more naturally and simply: “JITAKYOIEI”: Mutual prosperity for self and others “REI NO KOKORO”: Spirit of respect


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