Psychomotor Skills

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The Aucouturier psychomotor practice (relationship psychomotor education) is based on child-initiated play and the respect of each child’s individuality.

Spontaneous play is the most authentic means children have to interact with and relate to the world, compare themselves to others, communicate and grow.
While playing, children tell a story about themselves, mainly through their body, movement and nonverbal language.

In the room, children can: jump, swing, slide, wrap themselves in fabrics, get on mini trains (sheets) and get a ride, destroy foam cube towers, play tug-of- war, play peekaboo, find shelter in little cube houses, build things, dress up using fabrics, pretend play -> "make believe" they are a superhero, a mummy/daddy, an animal, a warrior, a princess, a monster, and many more.
The lesson is divided in two:

  • Sensorimotor play, pre-pretend play and pretend play
  • Decentralizing: design, construction, play-doh

The children will gradually learn to shift the focus off their personal experiences and represent themselves through their own action, to make their way through the passage that will lead them from the pleasure of action to the pleasure of thinking.


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