For children

Un divertimento straordinario, anche fuori orario


Summer Camp

Weekly bilingual campus open to all children from 3 months to 6 years old. During June, July and August, we do outdoor labs, English labs, orchard keeping and much more! Book the weeks for your child now.

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Play Judo

Movement and play to channel the child's energy according to the principles of "SEI RYOKU-ZEN'YO" - better use of energy, "JITAKYOIEI" mutual prosperity for self and others, and "REI NO KOKORO" spirit of respect.

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Learn with mummy

Playgroups for mothers and children in English! Magic, techniques and pampering with a native speaker to play while learning another language. A way of spending quality time with your child!

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Psychomotor Skills

The Aucouturier psychomotor practice (relationship psychomotor education) is based on child-initiated play and the respect of each child's individuality. It favors the development of their identity and the expression of their self.

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Circus Skills and Juggling

Simple acrobatic stunts and juggling tricks to stimulate cooperation, concentration, balance and coordination. A stimulating, fun lab with circus arts professionals.

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