For Charity

Discovering gratitude by learning to donate

A great human revolution in just a single individual can help achieve a change in the destiny of a nation and enable a change in all humankind.” D. Ikeda

Hello Baby collaborates with I villaggi del sorriso, an organization aimed at reducing child exploitation by increasing education levels in Senegal.

This collaboration sparked after a trip Sara Pedetta made with the founders of the non-profit organization and it materialized with the initiative to fund the education of a Senegalese child, with the participation of all members of the Hello Baby family. The projects we support range from guaranteeing access to schooling through financial support to financing the opening or maintenance of school facilities, which are often run down.

This kind of initiative opens the minds of children, reduces racial prejudices and conveys the message that access to education and culture is a gift not only for African children but also for those who, from here, are involved in charity.

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