Bilingual School 0-6

The child in the center. Our love all around, in two languages

0-3 Nursery

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3-6 Preschool

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The Project

As a result of the revision of well-established theories, the project builds on the theories of active learning, the application of the Montessori method and the adoption of the Multiple Intelligences theory.
The mix of these three tightly-connected worlds gives life to a varied,
extremely concrete, practical and interactive educational offer.
The child has a central role (active learning), the school becomes an opportunity to experience life (Montessori method) and activities are selected to evoke and to stimulate each of the intelligences that dwell in each individual from early childhood (Multiple Intelligences). This is how the child develops his or her own individuality in line with the surrounding environment and enhances the skills that allow him or her to lead a quiet day-to- day life.


Contents are taught in two languages partly because bilingualism during childhood is more effective, but above all, because it activates lateral thinking, which helps increase creativity and receptivity levels.

School Kitchen

Thanks to our well-equipped in-school kitchen and the collaboration of a biologist and nutritionist, we are able to guarantee each meal is carefully looked after to the smallest detail, thought out to meet the needs of each age group and made on the spot with the best ingredients available on the market.

The School Day

The Activities

  • Baby Drama
  • Heuristic play
  • Creative workshop
  • Music and movement
  • Singing games
  • Motor skills
  • Little Chef
  • Swimming skills
  • Kids’ orchard

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