Labs and Events

With the "school-life" concept, theory becomes practice and is tinged with fun.

Courses for children


Summer Camp

Weekly bilingual campus open to all children from 3 months to 6 years old. During June, July and August, we do outdoor labs, English labs, orchard keeping and much more! Book the weeks for your child now.

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Play Judo

Movement and play to channel the child's energy according to the principles of "SEI RYOKU-ZEN'YO" - better use of energy, "JITAKYOIEI" mutual prosperity for self and others, and "REI NO KOKORO" spirit of respect.

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Learn with mummy

Playgroups for mothers and children in English! Magic, techniques and pampering with a native speaker to play while learning another language. A way of spending quality time with your child!

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Psychomotor Skills

The Aucouturier psychomotor practice (relationship psychomotor education) is based on child-initiated play and the respect of each child's individuality. It favors the development of their identity and the expression of their self.

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Courses for adults

Opening a preschool

Do you dream of a business idea that would allow you to reconcile your personal life, your family and a job that renders you the protagonist of your own path? "Opening a preschool": two sessions to learn the steps to make your dream come true.

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Juneand July

HB World

The voice of Hello Baby which speaks to adults: if it is true that "A child’s mind is not a container to be filled but rather a fire to be kindled" quoting Francois Rebelais, then, why not kindle this fire in adults, too?

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Bach Flowers

Three sessions to learn the history of Bach and to "experiment" with his 38 flowers. A sweet, utterly harmless method which offers support to mothers in their tiring periods and children in their everyday life.

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Yoga for adults

Hatha Yoga lessons (asanas and pranayama) with Yoga Nidra sessions. Based on essential relaxation and unwinding techniques, introducing key yoga poses aimed at achieving a harmonious development of body, mind and spirit.

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Theme parties

Birthday Parties

A birthday party is always an important milestone for all children, from the birthday child to the guests. We organize Theme Parties with an option to choose and customize your child's events according to his or her preferences and yours.

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